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I cant decide between these bindings or...

I cant decide between these bindings or union contacts. I have a capita stairmaster extreme and i just jib and ride park. Can someone help me out?

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I havnt rode the 390's yet, but i have the contacts now and i love them. they are super light and have a nice flex to them. the straps are very comfy and stay on your boots nicely, and overall your feet just feel very secure and comfortable in the contacts. They also have this foam in the baseplate which allows your board to flex more naturally, which is great for park. The contacts are great, and as an added bonus, they're about 30 bucks cheaper than the 390s, so i would go with the contacts.

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Def go for the Contacts bro, I own them and they are sick. With only 18% of the binding actually making contact with the board, it allows your board to flex more naturally. Just Like Ben said, they are lighter, stronger, comfier and just better built. Plus they are cheeper in price and not in durability!! I love Rome seeing as I ride one, but I LOVE Union for bindings. If you just pretty much jib, then def grab the Contacts. Super comfy straps, nice flexy high-back but doesnt sacrafice stability or feel 'too lose'(ie you feel like your still in control). Just get them and I promise you will not be dissapointed. Hope this helps bro :)