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I have a 42-20 how do I get the second...

I have a 42-20 how do I get the second hand to work?

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What do you mean get it to work? Do you mean the stop watch function or does your second hand not rotate?

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KO, if you are talking about the "second hand" that is on the same plane as Hour-hand and the Minute-Hand. The longest, and skinnest of all the Hands. That technically isn't your second hand. Seconds are counted on the top dial , right below 12:00 on your watch backdrop. But all that aside, to answer your question directly about how to get this hand to move. Unscrew the bottom crown (the one next to the 8) itll stop once you unscrew it all the way. Now it will act as a button essentially. This is the button you use to start and stop the chronograph. Your top crown next to the 10, is how you reset the chronograph.

A basic run-down. That "second hand" that i think are talking about is a fancy stop-watch. once you start that hand, it will move around the watch like a normal hand. once it makes a full rotation from 12:00 back to 12:00. (60 seconds) the dial at the bottom right next to the 4. will tick to 1 minute. watch it for 5 minutes or so while your on the train or at work ;) and ull see what i mean.

If the longest and skinniest hand does not point straight to the 12 when its at rest or not being used or counting so to speak. To fix this, pull the main "knob" fully out and then use your bottom button (the one next to the 8) to readjust or realign this hand. Kind of a pain in the neck but whatever.

Lastly, something that maybe not everyone knows. The middle and largest knob gets screwed in to "waterproof" the watch. Its super ackward to do, but push the knob in all the way into the housing and twist teh knob towards yourself and itll catch teh threading and u can tighten it up. same go for the crowns on the smaller buttons. screw them in, so that water doesn't get into the watch. minimizes on these giant knobs sticking out and more focus on the face in my opinion.

I hope this helped for you, and i hope some others learned something they didnt no.

This goes for Nixon 42-20s and 51-30s Chronographs. (not sure on the magnacons, and their other chronos, im sure it similiar)

I have 2 51-30s, and spent a while working for Billabong who use to own Nixon. I use to sell this gnarly watches and probably know a little more than your average owner. But i hope you all learn more about them bc they are pretty cool!!! DogFunk has the best pricing by far on these bad boys!