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I have a Ride Highlife just got it! Mostly...

I have a Ride Highlife just got it! Mostly ride all mt. want to know Force's or the Contact pro ?

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Ooooo thats a hard one bro. Decisions, decisionssss. Well both are sick binders, as all Union product is. The Contact Pro was made for Gigi, so obv he hits HUGE booters and rides a lot of BK. He wanted a super light binder with a good flex but still holds you right where you want to be. He also designed it the with bigger heel cups to give ur hands more room when you use your board to help climb those 45 degree inclines. The Contact pro only makes contact with 18% of your board, so its gonna allow your board to flex more naturally (espesh with a reverse cambered board). Both are really good binders tho, so really its up to you. If I were you tho, I would get the Contact pro. But I also mainly ride park, so they would be better suited for me. Its a hard decision bec both binders will KILL all over the mountain. Also one color way for the Contact pro, compared to 4 on the Force. Hope this helps bro

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thanks man, ya i would say i leaning towards the contact pros, but havent made my mind up! Its a tough one!