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I have a super slim wrist... about 7". I...

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I have a super slim wrist... about 7". I know it's stretchy, but how big is it "as is?" I don't want it slipping around or potentially falling off.

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Crush dont worry the watch will fit you just fine, you can also take out a link just like a real watch if it is still to big. Hope this helps.

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nah, dude, you can't take out any 'links.' who told you that?
i have 4 of these. i have tiny wrists. the watch doesn't come close to coming off, but it does spin around on me.

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I measured the circumfrence of my lady's watch to answer another question on the SS model, and at its smallest size (all links together as shown in the picture) it is 8.5 inches around the exterior. That puts it just a tad under that on the interior. You cannot take out any links either as far as I can tell.

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Sure you could take out links, you just need the re-thread the remaining links with elastic cord (found at a craft or sewing store). I have a fairly small wrist and it fits no problems.