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I have these boots in size 11 and they fit...

I have these boots in size 11 and they fit perfectly on my left foot and are extreamly comfortable, but my right foot really hurts on the bottom front of it, right behind the pinky toe. will this go away as the boots pack out?

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not sure, just got the boots a day ago and i have the same problem. i wonder if the liner is to large for the boot shell and it crimps the liner forcing it to buldge where the pinky toe sits. not sure though.

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The liner and shell are built around one to one lasting... What size do you guys measure on a foot measuring device? are you rockin' true to size or smaller?

The liners are 100% heat moldable so take them to you local retailer, whom has a fit expert, and they can help dial them in. You should not be seeing any problem that lasts a long time with the boots.

Also, make sure your footbed is sitting in squarely. Every once in a while these get bent a bit and make your feet sit inside the boot a lil' funny.

Hope that helps and let me know if you continue to see issues so I can help you solve the problem!

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ok I talked to a guy who had the same problem and he's been boarding for a long time, and he said I should Cut holes in the liner where the hot spots were, giving my feet more room.

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the boot will pack out...i own last years model...and...just be patient with it...but WHAT EVER YOU DO...DO NOT CUT HOLES IN YOUR LINER!!! what a terrible idea!!