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I have to decide between the Forces and...

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I have to decide between the Forces and the Contact Pro's...I ride mostly pow/trees because I'm at Wolf Creek, they seem to be fairly comprable to eachother, anyone ridden both? Any suggestions?? Unions seem sick, i used to swear by ride, tried flows and won't make that mistake again...

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Go with the Forces, the contacts are made a little bit more for jibbing. They are still a good binding but the forces are made for your freestlye all mountain riding.

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If you ride mainly POW, then go for the Contact Pro. Its designed by Gigi, and if you know anything about how he rides, then you will know he goes HUGEEE in the BK. This binder does NOT sacrafice stability or comfort and does not feel lke you have no control bec they are 'too soft'. Both are sick binders, but to shave off a few ounces is always a nice touch, espesh when you are slugging through pow and BK. And it will allow your boot to move around more when hitting pillows but still keeps your foot right where it should be. If I were you, I would go for the Contact Pro, but really either one will do the job and some. Hope this helps :)