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I just bought a custom v-rock 163. The...

I just bought a custom v-rock 163. The smaller ones didnt fit my big as 13 feet, and couldnt find a wide at any of the local skate shops. Im 6'3" 157 lbs. I plan on riding it tomarrow to check it out. Just a lil concerned it may be too big. Im kinda light and thinkin i prolly should have downsized some. I do enjoy lots of fresh powder, kinda getting rails down, buttering, hitting both powder and park jumps. Which my old board is a burton bullet 158, and can just use that for days i wanna hit the rails. Maybe i should just keep it for the powder days? what yall think

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If I were you, I would size down a bit if you plan to ride it on rails, park, etc... If you are just riding powder with it, the board is going to blow your mind. Unparalled float with the rocker tech!!! Also, as a note, you can size down a cm or two or three with rocker!!!

Just so that you know, the reason you cannot find a wide is that all custom V's are a mid-wide waist width's... no wides available.

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Well, I did just ride it yesterday, in TONS of fresh powder we got. Its going to be stricktly powder board. It is nice, I think its a lil bouncy on tracked up choppy powder but just lean back and let it ride like a boat over the top of it all. Its quit a fun and very nice board. Got my burton bullet 158 all tuned up and ready for the park. Its a good all mountain board, but doesnt float as nice a buttery on it. Gonna take a few more times to get completely use to the v-rocker. Makes me work harder to get the edge down. Really nice for 360 butters