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I just bought this for use on a board with...

I just bought this for use on a board with the traditional 4x4 holes. But I'm a bit confused about the user manual.I understand the 3D Disc is for the 3D system, the 4x4 Disc is for the traditional 4x4 holes, but what about the Re:Flex?

On top of that, I'm a bit confused about mounting with The Channel section. It shoes a pic of the binds withe the side mounts for the ICS. But the Burton Prophecy does not have this (I assume this manual must be generic then). Then it shoes a pic with the 4x4 base plate and the Re:Flex base plate for mounting on The Channel.

The reason why I'm asking about the ICS is that I'm thinking of upgrading to a future Burton Custom Flying V snowboard. So how would I mount the Burton Prophecy to it. Would I wear down the bolts if I continuously swap the binding between two boards (for that matter, where would I buy more Burton bolts with the plastic nylock?).

Or is it best to just buy Burton EST bindings?

Sorry for all these questions. I'm still a newbie wh

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If you have a Channel (ICS) board then yes it is better to buy EST bindings. If you have a 4 hole board then RE:Flex is the next best thing. The RE:Flex mounts the same was as a traditional disk binding. Just make sure that the hinge is in the correct position. The hinge needs to be facing the tip and tail of the board. If your bindings did not come with a 4-hole RE:Flex disk then call 800-881-3138 and then will send it to you.