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I just have to figure out what size to...

I just have to figure out what size to order before I pull the trigger. I'd like this to fit pretty baggy, but not so much that I look ridiculous, probably hitting in the middle of my thigh. Not really going for steeze, just loose fitting comfort

I'm ~5'9" 180-ish and for further reference I have a...

TNF Apex Bionic, size M, hit's right below the waist
TNF Denali Jacket, size M, hit's right below the waist
BC.com Stoic 2.0 Shell, size L, hit's right below the waist

I'm looking for this jacket to be a good 6-8 inches longer than any of those

Hopefully someone can help me nail the sizing on this, thanks!


Thanks for the help guy's, the large is coming in the mail today

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Sup Yule!

From what the other reviewers are posting on this piece, I would really say go with a Large. I am 6' 170lbs and I would hit up a Large. This jacket would prolly end up past my waist, but with your height it will add that extra length you are looking for without being ultra baggy. I know Lyman reps the Burton wear so maybe he is of different opinion, maybe wait for his expertise.

Sick jacket for a sick price!


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Jesse is right on with this. Go with the Large. There is nothing worse then extending your arms and have the cuff of your jacket expose your wrists. Large is the size.