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I just purchased this jacket for my grandson...

I just purchased this jacket for my grandson we live in Ohio, it is very cold in the winter ,when I received this jacket I noticed that it was very thin, not being a snowboarder I am concerned that it will not be warm enough, does this jacket have to be layered for warmth

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its a shell so he will have to wear stuff underneath it but as far as staying warm, he shouldnt have a problem because not a drop of water gets through the jacket, i have one similar to this and i never have a problem staying warm and i am amazed by the fact taht i can get covered in snow or rain and i am always dry. Moisture is your worst enemy on the mountain because that is how you get cold
also after switching to a jacket like this i only have to wear one mid layer on the mountain now. 69 dollars is a great deal on this jacket

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Hi Sue, your grandson should be really happy with this jacket. You're correct, this jacket is a shell and lacks insulation but it is completely waterproof and wind proof. That being said, if he wears a base layer and a sweatshirt or fleece underneath, he should stay warm in the coldest weather.