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I really, really love the graphic on this...

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I really, really love the graphic on this board and am in the market for a new one this year. My problem is that I am a girl, and usually I am not angry about it, but this is a mens board. I have heard different opinions about this. I ride a burton lux 147 for the last few years and have a size 9 boot. Does anybody know if riding a mens board is gonna screw me up? I've heard that we distribute our weight differently, and also, that it doesn't really matter because I have big feet and mens boards are usually wider? I would only be going to the 148? What do ya think??

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Well i think that you will have too adjust to riding on a male board because they do have a different flex patterns and they are generally wider and stiffer so although it shouldn't be too bad it will take some time for you to get used to riding a guys board but once you get used to it u will be fine and i would say that a 148 would be to big id go 146 because mens boards are generally made to handle more wight for the size then girls board but you could ride a 148 but it will be kind of stiff.... hoped that helped

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Ben is right on, Mens boards a made for men, do you hate all the graphics in the women's boards? They have a great selection. Check out the DeJA Vu http://www.dogfunk.com/burton-deja-vu-v-rocker-snowboard-womens it comes in regular camber and V-rocker as well as the Blender :http://www.dogfunk.com/burton-blender-snowboard-womens. The blender is a fun playful board made for the park. The DEJA vu is a bit of an upgrade from the Lux.

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Go as small as you can and you would probably be fine It's REALLY soft rated 2/10 on the burton scale. That's probably the equivalent to a women's 5/10. It would be different at first but a board is a board, every new board is different from the last one.... unless you buy the same board.