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I ride a 159 right now and i want to...

I ride a 159 right now and i want to increase my park skills. Im 6'1 170 and just looking for a great board that i can have fun on. Would u recommend this board and to stick with the same size?

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this is a pretty dope board but if you wanna spend less for an equally sick board id go with the burton dominant. normally i dont like burtons but its got the p-rocker flex which gives you insane flex. only problem is youd need to either get new bindings or a thing to go on the bottom of the ones you have right now.

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I would say you could go for the 156, especially in park. Also I would recommend a burton hero over this. I have heard many people who have ridden both boards say they like the hero better, and I personally love the hero. Its hands down the best board I've ever ridden. Also, the adaptor plates to put a regular binding on an ics board are free and come with the board.

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156 would be a better size for you if your looking for a park specific board whereas 159 would be more for all mountain. The skate banana is a sick board for the park, i definitely recommend it, if you want something cheaper don't go with burton there are many other options such as the rome artifact, ride kink, capita stairmaster, signal park rocker all are from non sell out companies and you also have the freedom of using any bindings you want, but if you got the cash go with the banana for sure

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Check out the Burton X8, the board is super fun in the park. You can also take the X8 anywhere else and it will shred anything and everything! As for the person who said you can't use other bindings on the Burtons with ICS, he is wrong. All ICS boards come with a baseplate that inserts into any binding for a secure fit. But, to get the most out of board I'd go with the EST binding.