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I rode a Burton Custom and had a blast...

I rode a Burton Custom and had a blast cruizing and carving all over the mountain. When I bought my feelgood and took it out the first time, I was catching edge and having trouble turning - all things I never had a problem with before. What am I doing wrong?

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The problems you are having are probably arising from the fact that this board is a woman's boards and more flexible than the custom. Try using more finesse and less power.

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You also might need to detune your nose and tail! The biggest issue I had with my feelgood sounds very similar to what you have described. Detuning the nose and tail can be done at most shops or if you have a heavy metal file you can do it yourself but pushing the file straight down over the nose and tail portions of the board to where the effective edge begins. This should help :) Since you don't know what you're doing, try youtubing it to see if there is a video that explains this, or I am sure you can find something on google. Little known fact is that when the factory edges your board, it is extremely sharp and thus very easy to catch edges until they naturally detune over time :)