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I wanna get the grey denim with the persimmon...

I wanna get the grey denim with the persimmon lense. I usually ride powder, with sunny days would this be a good choice? Also, i want something that will not fog up easily and it says these won't fog 'if you take care of them'...what exactly does this mean? I don't plan on scratching them but from normal wear and tear, will i have fog issues later on? Also with the extra lense, can I get a different kind of lense for when I go night boarding or will the extra lense be the same?

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The persimmon is a pretty good night lens under lights, and the grey comes with persimmon and bronze . . . says so right there . . . so yes, the extra lens is a different tint.

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Basically 'taking care of them' means that you dont smash them up, dont care, and scratch the shit outta them. If you keep them in decent condition, they will perform as good as the day you got them. These vent very well, have great optical clarity, and have a nice comfortable fit. Persimmon lenses are great for the night, but not so much for the day unless you get mirrored persimmon. They dont look like the 'fire' lenses that you see with Oakleys or VZ, but still have a tint for the day. So those are more of a universal lense that are good for day and alright for the night. They will probably come with a persimmon lense for the night and whatever lense you choose with the goggle(ie, either a mirrored or reflective).Hope this helps