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I want to buy two snowboards. One of the...

I want to buy two snowboards. One of the freestyle, and an all mountain / freeride. Lib tech thought (because Magna-Traction, and I go to a lot of artificial snow). Burton Joystick 159w now, but it is very unstable. I plan to Skate Banana freestyle, and Travis Rice c2btx every mountain / freeride. What do you think it's a good idea? What would be the ideal size for me? Skate Banana 156W, Travis Rice 161.5? Or rather, it would be just one? Skate Banana or Travis Rice? How large? Where I live (Hungary), there is no try!
I was 3 years snowboarding, I'm learning the tricks (360, 540, butter ....) [$]

Height: 185cm (6'1 ")
Weight: 78-83kg (172-183 pounds)
Boot: 11.5 (Burton Ion)

I'm waiting for inspiration!

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I guess it depends what you plan on doing. I would say if freeride/ every mountain means to you powder and cliffs up o 25ft then get the skate banana. the t rice is meant for backcountry, big jumps and big cliffs. Its pretty stiff and would b hard to butter on and wouldnt be to forgiving on harder landings. As for the size i'd go 156 but thats up to you i weigh 160 and i ride a 152.

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i ride a 161.5 t.rice and am buying a 156 skate banana (or gnu park pickle, reading this post to decide) for park. im same dimensions as you but a bit heavier (100kgs!) i float just fine in pow on the 161.5. i have been ridin a stiff board with regular camber in the park and love the feel of the t.rice when i have the odd park rip on it so cant wait to ride somethin shorter with a bit more flex. having two boards is the way of the future though man so invest in both, you cant go wrong.