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I want to know if this thing will work....

I want to know if this thing will work. If it takes a little bit to figure out how to work it thats fine but I want to know if it will let my buddies find me fast if I get caught in avalanche? Or if I need to find them fast? I cant afford a BCA so thats out of the question.

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Start saving, Hunter. The Freeride is a single-antenna beacon. Your friends will be able to find you, but you will have a lot of trouble finding them. Even with practice, as some of the reviews mention, you'll be hampered by a significantly shorter range. Save up the extra $72 and get the Tracker. Or save an extra $78 and get the Arva Evolution 3+. You've obviously spent some money on other gear. If you can't afford a reliable beacon, you can't afford to be in the backcountry.

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While Dave is right about there being better beacons out there if you are well practiced with a beacon then you will have the best results.

This one is great if you are in and out of the area it is small and light so it is easy to carry along. I think this is important because then there is never a question and having your beacon becomes just as much of a part of your standard load as your Ipod or phone.

It doesn't have the same range as my prized Ortovox M2 it is way smaller and way less offensive to carry. It was not long ago when we all had analog beacons with just a pinging sound to guide us and by that measuring stick this is a very effective and easy to use unit. I would much rather have a beginner looking for me with this rather than something like an old F2