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I was at the local board shop and was...

I was at the local board shop and was talking about my EX's i picked up for my Park Pickle. the Tech. was telling me how he had used ride bindings and loved them but shortly realized that due to thier all metal frame they would not allow the board to have true flex and soon it would warp the board. Now, the Union Cadets have the cusion between the board and binding. could i make my own cusion to put between my binding and board without loosing function?

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Think about this--- Isn't a snowboard designed to be "warped"? We just call it a different name, "flex". That tech hasn't thought about it at all! Now, as Union (and Forum) claims there may be a little more dead board space when using bindings that don't have a split baseplate (Forum Shaka) or specially shaped baseplate (Union). But have a look at the EX baseplate and look at how rounded and removed the edges are. They do that to allow enough room for the board to flex in its natural arc and also to prevent cracking.
ALSO, consider that the Unions are not just a standard binding with foam glued onto its baseplate. EVERYTHING is considered in the design and engineering to make it perform well but also to keep it SAFE. If you want the Union feel then get Union bindings, someone would undoubtedly buy your EX from you. cheers...