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I was just wondering...
Are the love in...

I was just wondering...
Are the love in frames with the pink smoke a girls frame? Cause personally I think they look awesome but I really don't want to have that awkward conversation on the hill with random girls that say, (awsuming that the are tourists) "LIKE! OMG we have the same goggles! Aren't they just the cutests?" Then I would be thinking... "Man this is super awkward... why does this tourist/poser/newbie have the same frames as me?" Don't get me wrong, I don't h8 random tourist girls, I just don't want my friends baggin on me all day (yes they r that mean and shallow)
Oh and are the feenoms in general a super popular goggle? I see that everyone loves them but i don't want to buy a pair then find out everyone has the same thing. I wanted to buy VZ cause it seemed a little more low-key then Oakley, Smith, Dragon and so on. (obviously I'm super-ficial... I know the specs rock & i should care about that..but I can't help wanting to stand out too)
Thanks for the help

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Oh, and I know I am not supposed to care about what other people think about me (least when your not trying to get a job)and I should just tell me friends to get over it... But honestly, who doesn't like being complimented on how good they look? "When you look good, you ride good." love that sayin.. and its tru, better you look, better self esteem, better confidence, better riding.

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Hmmmm. I can't tell if you are really concerned about this, so I'm just going to give you a stock answer. The Feenom goggles are a larger sphyrical lens goggle that has amazing horizontal and vertical vision. They fit great, and they look great. They are a unisex goggle. Guys wear em. Girls wear em. Even kids wear em sometimes. VZ is popular, but they aren't super mega-corpo like some of the other brands you mentioned. VZ is a little more slippery and dangerous.

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We would be super cute goggle twins! OMG Kyle!!

So the Feenom is a uni-sex goggle, and one of the best selling ones from VZ. I have the Love In color, and let me tell you it is FRICKING SICK. That is going to be one of the main colors that you will see on the hill this year, but then again CMYK is going to be everywhere. If you are that sold on it, then I would say go for it! The Midnight Safari is also a cool color ... the Fire Chrome lens is sick looking.

Plus living in Steamboat I am sure that we wont run into each other, so no OMG-awkwardness there my friend.