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I was looking at replacing my Oakley A...

I was looking at replacing my Oakley A frames with crowbars because I feel like the A frames are too small for my face and limits my vision. I plan on getting the Jet Black Crowbars with the Fire Lens for riding on sunny days, and also getting the H.I. Perimission lens for cloudier days and night riding. Would this be a good choice? How are the H.I. Permission lenses at night?

And just a heads up for anyone planning on getting the fire lens, The only time you can use it is on sunny days. It is horrible for cloudy days or night riding. You can't see anything but white. So if your planning on doing more riding at night or such I would look for a lens with a lighter tint.

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the HI persimmon definatly for low light condtions. it gives a bit of contrast but doesn't offer much for sunny days.

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For night... H.I. yellow is better than HI persimmon.
I have both lenses. I use the HI persimmon for mostly cloudy days and the HI yellow for snowy days and night riding.
I'd get the H.I. Yellow lens for night

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Yeah, just be careful only having one frame with 2 lenses, my frames are getting worn out from popping them in and out all the time.... just use the $75 you'd be spending towards new lenses to buy an extra frame with a different lens