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I wear a size 10 boot, they say M/L runs...

I wear a size 10 boot, they say M/L runs sizes 6-10 and a L/XL is 9.5-14. The two sizes overlap so i was just wondering which one i should get and why. Also, my feet are done growing.

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They overlap for smaller footed peeps compared to mid-wide/wide rider. If you are a size 10, I would tell you to get the M/L. And they actually run a lil different from what is listed. The M/L runs up to a 10.5 boot, and the L/XL runs 11 and up. The reason why the sizes overlap is because some ppl are right in the middle of both sizes, kinda like you are. So obv the baseplate and bottom of the binder will be longer/bigger on the L/XL compared to the M/L. So ppl that ride a mid wide can rock the M/L or the L/XL depending on waist width of your board. So Union kinda gives you an open option of going for something with a smaller package for peeps who are right in the middle. But I would go for the M/L if your feet have stopped growing. Also depends on what kind of boot you rock, bec they all fit different. I ride Contact's and I have 2 pairs of 32 boots (lashed and TM2's) and they fit really different in the cage of the binder. So thats also why the sizes cross up a bit, to give the variation of sizes for you to choose from. M/L all the way for you tho bro. Hope this helped