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I'd like to get my 16 year old son a new...

I'd like to get my 16 year old son a new board for christmas since he is riding a hand-me-down. He is 6'1" and 165-170 lbs with a size 13 shoe. The board he rides now is a 161W. He has been riding for a couple of years now and does freeride and frestyle. Should I stick with that size since he is use to it?

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This board does not come in a 161 wide, my first board was a 155 and i just picked up this board in a 152, havent used it yet though. We're talking a 2 centimeter difference, chances are he won't notice it but if he does I'm sure he will adjust to it.

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Unless he only rides freestyle, I wouldn't recommend this board in particular since it is difficult to freeride on larger slopes because of its flex. It is extremely flexible and takes a lot of getting used to, especially if he does not have a lot of riding experience. If he has a size 13 shoe I would recommend he DOES get a wide board, otherwise his boots/bindings will be hanging over the edge. A 161W would be fine for him in a freeride board and he could even step down to something like a 156W, 157W, or 159W depending on the board. The more flexible the board, the more amount it can take before breaking, and therefore the more flexible the board, the smaller of a size he can get. Depending on his abilities, a versatile board would probably be a better choice versus this all freestyle board.