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I'm 5'5 around 155lbs (trying to lose some)...

I'm 5'5 around 155lbs (trying to lose some) What size would be good for me?
Oh yea, size 8 boots. Thanks

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I would say youre good with a 156. If you look at recommended boards for the weight class LIB suggests a massive board. Im a little on the heavy side myself, 6 foot tall and 190 pounds, and my 156 is PERFECT. It has a little more flex than the smaller sizes which makes up for the weight. Your size 8 feet would get lost on the large boards.

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i'm also 150 lbs and i rode the nana 152 last 2 years. take the 52 - rode it with the widest stance in pow. stiff enough for your weight to go on speed, and so much fun..

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I"m the exact weight and size as you and I had the same troubles in finding the right size of board. So i just bought both and tested them out. I ended up returning the 152 and kept the 148. It depends what you want to do with your board. If you want to have the ease of buttering then go for the 148 (3.5/10 stiffness rating) but if you want more of an all around board the stiffness increases on the 152 (4.5/10 stiffness rating). I would defin not go for the 156cm, that's just stupid.