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I'm 5ft tall and weigh around 90lbs -...

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I'm 5ft tall and weigh around 90lbs - 95lbs. I've currently got a 143cm that I've had since I started learning. I'm now at a more intermediate level and and starting to learn to do some trick and really want a shorter board to play around with. So I'm looking at the 139cm - do you think this will be ok? In addtion, I won't be spending all my time in the park and want to know if this board will be fine for general riding.

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Hi tessa!

So, this board is right up your alley. I think you should go with a 139...shorter is more playful...for many reasons...less weight all around will help you butter the muffin, slide some boxes, ollie etc...

The cool thing about this board is its sidecut: Sidecut comes down to how much edge touches the snow at the same time. Shorter boards have less snow contact, and longer boards have more contact. More contact equals more stability....ie "riding the whole mountain" or cruising groomers etc.

This board is designed to be ridden a little smaller. It has the "edge contact" of a bigger board, in smaller sizes.

I'll never forget the first time a rode a short board....I felt like weights had been lifted off my feet!! you will love it.

Hope this helped, tessa. happy shredding!