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I'm 6' weigh 135, what size should i get?...

I'm 6' weigh 135, what size should i get? I will probably use it for a little free riding too but mostly park

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Hey Ethan! My boy Travis is 6ft, 150 and rides a Forum Manual 153 for the park. Super smooth board with great feel. If you're going to do a lot of freeriding then I would get the 159. That would be a great all-mountain deck! Take care!

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Freeride and park don't really mix to well with boards. It is hard to have one for both types of riding. Since you are pretty light you could ride the 150. If you think you will put on some weight then get the 153. This is a park deck for sure. Make to kill hand rails. don't get the 159. If you want one board for both. Check out the yougblood in a 154; http://www.dogfunk.com/snowboard/Forum-Youngblood-Snowboard/FRM0082M.html

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Ethan, a longer board means more footprint on the snow....regardless of what type of conditions you are riding. The 159 will fit you, both for riding park and freeriding on the mountain. The 150 will be way to short. Children and teens that are 5 1/2 feet tall ride 150's. Stick with a little big longer of a board and you'll do great!