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I'm 6'2, will the 163 work for me? I like...

I'm 6'2, will the 163 work for me? I like to go have fun in the park so i was thinking just a little shorter than normal for easier spins and such, but the powder is where i love to be and i'll spend most of my time in it if its there on the mountain.

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Anything around a 162-163 should work out for you height, considering the terrain, you will be riding, i would just adjust your stance when you change terrain (mountain, park, whatever) to make sure you get optimum shralpage. Hope i could be of help, Goood Luck

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in addition to riding style and terrain ridden, board length is based on rider weight, not height (a board doesn't know or care how tall you are; a board's flex will however change depending on how much the rider on top of it weighs)... tell us your weight and we can suggest a good length for what you want to do on the hill...

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I'm 6' and weigh 190lbs and I use a 161 Ride Control. I would *GUESS* that the 163 would work for you, provided that you aren't as skinny as a rail or anything. If you weigh a fair amount less, I might consider dropping into the upper to mid 150's.