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I'm a FL girl. . . please give me some...

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I'm a FL girl. . . please give me some advice; I need a good pair of boots for the next few seasons. I am learning and want to spend less than $150 bucks. . . would you recommend these? If not what would you recommend? Should I go Burtons for sure? Looking for advise, Thanks!

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Hey Flo-Rida Girl...

My two cents... if you want a pair of boots that will last a few seasons, I would step up to something slightly higher than a Coco. The Mint is Burton's best selling Burton boot for a reason.

- It looks awesome!
- Its got a heat moldable liner -- which equates to amazing comfort! (plus it has insane out of the box feel)
- It has a quick lacing system called speedzone... makes it easy to tie and untie in a hurry.

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They are slightly over your $150 mark, but the extra $10 is well worth it!!!

Ohh, and to answer you question on whether Burton is the way to go or not. Lets face it, I'm a little biased, but snowboarders believe in Jake Burton and the company for a reason. Burton's concentration is on making the best product for ever level rider and at every price-point.

Promise that you'll be stoked!

Happy shredding!

p.s. You'd be stoked on the Coco's... but slightly more impressed with the mints!