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I'm a borderline beginner/intermediate...

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I'm a borderline beginner/intermediate rider thats looking to buy a first board and I've narrowed it down to this board and three others. The other three are, a K2 Brigade, K2 Anagram, and a Burton Joystick. I basically like going all mountain doing groomed green and blue occasionally black runs and may soon start a bit of rails. Which board will be best for me if I'm 6'3, 210 pounds and about a 12.5 boot size? Thanks in advance.

And if there is any other board you want to recommend feel free to do so.

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Also what about the V-Rocker version of this board? Which would be best and the thing I like doing best is carving at cruising and occasionally high speeds.

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Well the Joystick is really sick. First it’s the only reverse camber board you have listed. Reverse camber will make learning easy. Plus reverse camber is great in the park for learning trick like spins or getting on boxes and rails. Reverse camber is great in powder so it's kind of a win win deal. Basically, this board will help cradle you through the learning process, then it can help guide you as an intermediate rider and beyond.

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Joystick or Custom V would knock your socks off!

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Thanks guys and Ryan how are they for people my skill level? And Shannon would the reverse camber be better for me even though I don't do park or rails? If reverse camber is good Im looking to go with the Joystick or the Custom V Rocker.
How about the Burton boards compared to the two K2 boards I mentioned? They say the reduced camber on the Anagram and Brigade helps them be catch-free for beginners/intermediate riders.