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I'm a total beginner that recently purchased...

I'm a total beginner that recently purchased a GNU carbon credit board. I heard that softer bindings are better for beginners and am looking at the DLX, Contacts and the Force. Which binding would you suggest out of the three? I'm leaning toward the Contacts since I have a reverse camber board.

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They are all good choices. The Contact's are a softer binding, but not by a whole lot. Softer bindings make it more forgiving when you make a lil mistake, and allows you to correct it a lil easier than with a stiff binder. I would class it like this from stiff to soft..

Data's, Force's, and the DLX's and the Contact's are around the same.

And you are right about wanting to go for the Contact's with a reverse cambered board. Seeing as only 18% of the binder actually makes contact with the board, it allows your board to flex more true. I ride mainly park, but I take my Contact's from park to steeps to trees and everything in between. I LOVE them. And for the price, comfort, durability AND tech, Union is the way to go. I would say go for the Contact if you wanna get better and just have a blast while learning. But lemme tell you, you wont go back to anything else after buying binders from Union. Hope this helps