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I'm currently riding the Rome Artifact...

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I'm currently riding the Rome Artifact 1985 reverse cam. I can't decide if I want to go with the Union Forces or Union Contacts... Most of my riding will be east (ice) coast parks...

Both seem like really sick bindings..

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Well the Contacts will allow your board to flex more naturally seeing as only 33% of the binding is actually touching the board, especially with a reverse camered deck. But if you are riding the ice coast then maybe you wanna get something a lil more solid on your feet, ie the Forces or even Data's. The Contacts are nice and flexy, but still give you a good solid hold. The highback on the Force's are stiffer than the Contacts, and the straps are aswell. I have last years Contacts and I love them, but I mainly ride park. I would say get the Forces, just to have a lil more stability and control. But really you will be stoked on either one. Hope this helps

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with what ur lookin for,, go with the Forces bro,, this binding is super friendly and durable wherever you go on the mountain,, Go Get IT!!..//