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I'm looking at purchasing the white version....

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I'm looking at purchasing the white version. Somehow, it is different from all the other colors. It has 4 front pockets rather than 3 like the other colors. It also has no elastic at the bottom and waste snapping buttons to create a more fitted fit. Is this correct or am I seeing these things wrong?

Also, is this fit long? I just purchased the Burton TWC Parka Jacket and am looking to exchange it for these if they aren't as long as the Parka's. Reason being, I've got wide hips but am an XS and the Parka jacket was too snug at the hips esp. since I plan to wear butt/hip pads. Please advise, thank you!

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Sorry, I meant 'waist' not 'waste'.

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Woops The image of the white color way is incorrect ( they should have that fixed soon). So the white color way is the same as the other colors (just white is imaged wrong.) This jacket sits at the waist it has an elastisized hem. This is a great jacket that can be worn on hill and give you ultimate performance or off hill and not look like the dork that just came from the hill. The fur is removable, it is a 10/10,000 and has 100 grams of insulation.