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I'm new to snowboarding and I am planning...

I'm new to snowboarding and I am planning on learning to do park. would this be a good board to begging learning park on? if no anyone have any suggestions?

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There is a lot out there to tear up the park, this deck will def suffice. It all depends on wheather or not you wanna ride traditional camber or reverse or rocker. Most people say that learning on a reverse camber board really improves your starting and transitions you to get better faster(seeing as I learned on reg camber I wouldnt know). Take a look at the rocker tech, you might want to get into that because they are pretty much park 'cheater' decks. Whitch means that because the board has different 'zones' in it, it has a different flex. Its almost like you want to do a tail press on a box and it kinda just automatically puts you there. So there is a lot out there and it all depends on how much loot you wanna spend. I personally ride a Rome(in my opinion, some of the best decks out). But there is a lot for sure. So do some research on if you want reverse or reg(you can go to youtube and they explain every one in detail). But if you want a park specific deck(either reverse or reg camber) I would look at:

Forum Chilly dog or Destroyer.
Lib Tech Skate Bannana.
K2 WWW(reverse or reg).
Burton Hero, Love or Dominant.
Rome Artifact(reg or 1985), Agent 1985, Postermania (reg or 1985) or Graft.
Ride Kink, Crush, or DH2.
Nitro Rook, or Misfit
Stepchild Jibstick or Everything Sucks.

There's a lot out there lol. Keep in mind that all of these boards are for intermediate to advanced riders, but really its all the same. Plus if you get anyone of these they will last you for many seasons. But I hope this will get you on the right track to having a blast just like we do. Hope this helps :)

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This is a hard question to reply to on-line. Your weight and height as well as your ability all plays into what board is the best for you. Mcgregor has some good advice and has listed some great boards. For a beginner, your shouldn't spend a grip on a deck and you shouldn't buy what you don't need. The Forum Image is a great deck at a great price as well as the Forum Manual. Both of these decks have wood cores, that are soft enough for you to manipulate and control. Try one of these out.