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I'm wondering whether anyone can help me...

I'm wondering whether anyone can help me decide whether this board is appropriate for me.

I'm relatively new to boarding, but used to ski a lot, so I'd say I'm at the start of the intermediate bracket.

Mostly ride on groomers and pow, but planning on getting into the park. Not sure whether that means I should be going for an all mountain board rather than a freestyle?

I guess I want a board that can do everything and that will last me a few years as I advance my skill level, perhaps I'm wanting too much?

I'm also a male, 5'9" and weigh 155, not sure whether I should be going for a 156 or 152.


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the skate banana is more of a park board, you'd probably be better off with a T Rice C2 BTX or Dark Series C2 BTX or a Never Summer SL-R all three have the same camber/rocker design for high speed stability and more pop in the park, honestly your better off with lib.. magnatraction is amazing, carving with it is like cutting through butter and you always get edge hold no matter what the snow conditions are... you'd be better off with a 156

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Hello??? He's NEW to boarding! The T-Rice is an advanced all mountain bomber and the Dark Series is "agressive freestlye" designed for launching off 60 foot booters!

Anyways, those C2BTX boards are WAY too stiff for learn on. I hear the banana is easy to learn on since the rocker makes you catch less edges. But the SB is still kinda stiff so you can do all mountain riding on it. The only thing that makes it a "park" board is the twiness and the rocker it seems. As it's more like a versatle board.

There are lots of banana park boards out there, but the SB is just popular as a "park board" because it was originally marketed as "easy to press" etc.