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I've been reading mixed reviews on the...

I've been reading mixed reviews on the Skate Banana for the all-around performance. I ride out west (British Columbia) about 5-10 days a year, and spend the most of my riding time in NY state, Ontario (10-20 days combined) and Quebec (5-10 days). I've heard that the Banana is a great all mountain board for the pow and the tree runs out west, but not so great on the icy slopes of the east.

How does it handle on the typically bulletproof slopes of NY and ON?

How is it at high speeds? I've heard of problems with chatter and extra difficulty on corduroy.


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Its not the best for icy groomers for sure. A traditional cambered board is the best for that junk. But you will love it in the pow, its all about the quiver man, you need a bunch of boards.

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it has magnetraction, so you will get a good bit of bite into icy slopes. on high-speed groomers, i think handles decently, but only because i sized down (156 vs a 159 or so normally). you could always size the same as your cambered board - my guess is that it would ride fine. chris jones is correct, though, traditional camber is better for groomers.

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the skate banana can handle all mountain riding but its more of a park board, if you are looking for all mountain performance look at the Lib Tech Travis Rice

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i ride in wisconsin and there are some pretty icey slopes and itdoes fine

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Like someone already pointed to, check out the T-Rice. I have the new one with the c2 banana which might make a difference. It’s been tearing up the sketchy early season conditions in CO. Better than any other board I've used on ice.