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I've got size 10 Burton Freestyle Boots,...

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I've got size 10 Burton Freestyle Boots, can I use large bindings or will these be too big?

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You can use a L/XL binding, you will just have to adjust the binding to fit your boot. I personally wouldnt go for a L/XL binding with size 10 boots tho, I would go for the M/L binding. With the large you might have too much room in the cage and your boot will have a lot of play and movement within the binding. The cut off for a M/L binding is usually a 10/11, so I would say go for a M/L binding. Unless you think that within the next season you will be movin up to an 11+ boot. Hope this helps brotha

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Burton doesn't make L/XL or M/L. They are Medium or Large. The sizing for Large are 10+ and higher. Mediums are 8-10. The freestyle boot, it depends on what year they are but they might be a bit on the bigger side. I would still run the medium. Reason being, the next time you get boots, which should be in a year or two, those boots will most likely be a lot slimmer. They will fit much better. Get the mediums.