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I've read reviews where the ratchet comes...

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I've read reviews where the ratchet comes loose. Do any of you guys have this issue?

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toss a little loctite blue 242 on there if so, and the problem should be fixed

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They do come loose!!! Bad quality! The ratchet wheel on the ankle strap that advances the ankle ladder is not close enough to effectively grab the ankle ladder and is eating the teeth on the ladder. I have owned 2 pairs of the cheaper EX's and have not experienced this problem. I am currently trying to order 2 ankle ladders to have on hand when the teeth are eventually totally destroyed. Also the quick adjustment tabs for both the ankle strap and toe strap will come undone sometimes. They should have designed these to sit flush when they are in the locked position and NOT have a gap where something can get under them and cause them to come open. I also had to glue my to toe strap where the rubber mesh material seperated from the underside of the strap. I have used these bindings a total of 5 days this year. They need to totally redesign this binding as it is a failure and a waste of my $259! NOT happy about purchasing these!