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I?m think I will order a pair of the...

I´m think I will order a pair of the Grail-boot to Sweden cuz everything is much more expensive here and I wondering about the sizes..The last 4 seasons I´ve used the Hail and now I´m looking for something with a little bit more support..like the Grail(I like what I have read about it so far). I have always used size 9(witch is the size I use in my regular shoes) and it has always been a perfect size for me. So I don´t know if I have the guts to order a pair of size 9 of the Grail without try them out(witch to be honest feels really stupid) and I don´t have a chance to try them anywere if I don´t drive for 4 hours. Does anyone knows if the sizes in the Hail and Grail is similar?? It will be a big screw up if I order them and they end up to small or to big so if anyone has experience of this or know anyone who has or just want to give me a tip it would be great..Thanks a lot and best regards from Tobias

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I would order a half size down from your shoe size and then have them heat molded. This will give you a really nice fit after the break in period. However, the fit on these the Hail and the Grail are similar so if you were comfortable in the 9 before you will be comfortable in the 9 again. Burton has really dialed that out of the box perfect fit. Have a safe trip home.