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If you had a choice to get the Holy Moly,...

If you had a choice to get the Holy Moly, Youngblood Chillydog, or Destroyer Chillydog, which one would you choose? Seems like they are all the same board plus or minus certain features/tech. I'm 5'10 & 155-160lbs. I normally ride in groomers but I'd like to become more proficient at freestyle riding (nosepresses, tail press switches, and butters.) Any advice is appreciated!Any one else?

And if you think this is the best bet, what size do you recommend? I wear a size 8 boot and flow NXT bidings. I'm currently riding a 156 Burton T7 and i feel that it is too stiff and long for my liking.

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if ur looking for some playfulness and the ability to nose press pretty easy look into the youngblood chillydog which can also handle jumps up to 40 ft and also the forum scallywag is a great board which is a little softer than the youngblood, it is also playful. both are sick boards hope i helped man

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I back the Holy Moly 100%. It is my go to board, I'm 6' 170 and run the 155 unless I'm riding 2 feet deep pow. The board is soft enough in the nose and tail to press and the carbon stringers give you the snap you need to get out of them. It rides loose like a reverse camber deck does but it responds like a snowboard should.

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I elected to ride the 152. Lyman rep: do you think I should go to the 155? I'm 5'10 160lbs