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I'm 6'1" and 200 pounds with a size 12...

I'm 6'1" and 200 pounds with a size 12 boot. do you think i can use the 155W? I already ride a 155W 5150 stroke but I want the reverse camber. is the horrorscope too soft for my weight though?

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You would be able to ride it just fine. However because of your size and the fact that is it reverse camber it would basically limit the board to park riding and jibbing around. Basically it just would not be good for all mountain/pow riding.

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while what andrew says is slightly true....you can ride any snowboard anywhere. dosnt mean your gonna be a champ in alaska with this board but u can ride anywere with just about any board. its all personal preference

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T and A bro...T and A

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It all depends on how hard you ride it, what you take it off, and how many days you ride. Its soft, but if you're not doin 30ft drops and adding all that pressure on your tail or tip or whatever, then you're good. If you are doin more of an all-mountain then go for something a lil bigger, just because of your weight. But with reverse cambered decks you technically can ride something 5cm shorter than what you regularly ride (I personally wouldnt but thats just me). So yes you can ride it just fine, and no you will not limit yourself to JUST riding park. But if I were you, I would go for atleast a 157 if I could (but I don't think they make them in 57). Im 6' 165lbs and I ride a Rome Machine 154W, but the deck could definately handle more weight. I just hope for everyones sake Capita took care of their de-lamming problem, thats why I switched companies. Not saying they are bad decks tho, they just need to address a few things and I hope they did