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Im 6' and 165lbs. I wear a size 12 boot....

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Im 6' and 165lbs. I wear a size 12 boot. I plan on doing a mix of mountain riding (groomers mostly) with a decent amount of park riding as well.
how well will this board suit me? I like rails but i also like big kickers. ive heard this board is a bit mushy in the landings off big things.
also i like buttery boards. hows the flex on this one?


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It's a fun board to ride, but unless you're a rail junky i'd go for something a bit stiffer. I like soft boards too, but this thing is a noodle...I practically did a somersault the first time I tried a nosepress on it. If you like big kickers and riding fast I'd get something else.

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this is an all around great board for everything, its a 4.5 flex on the dc scale, actually a perfect flex for park and the booters, ive found that i can kill everything on the mountain with this board except its not like an artifact when it comes to rails, little on the stiffer side for that, the artifact and a ton of capita boards are real noodles, but not this board by any means, if u want something stiff then check the MLF