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Im thinkin about gettin a sherlock, but...

Im thinkin about gettin a sherlock, but im not too sure of what size i want. Im 6 foot 1, and about 175 pounds. I like going freestyle, and mostly ride powder when i can find it. I have a burton malolo 162 that works great for epic powder days, but its not too hot for spinning or stomping tricks in the backcountry. I also have a DC MLF 154, which is tiny, and ripped all over the mountain, i never had a problem with chatter or powder or anything. But with the flying v, im confused on what size, either a 157 or 160, If someone could help, thats be sick

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so I bought this board for the 10/11 season in Breckenridge and rode it daily. I really love the flying V design with the camber,rocker,camber. nice and springy. I am 6' but weigh less about 150 if i remember correctly from when i lived there. It's definitely long for my weight but I rode it with no complications. I went with the 160 cm not knowing how epic the pow was going to be that season (it set records for recent years). I recommend a 22.5 stance over the center for regular days but for the steep and deep i would keep it about that, but no less than 21 apart and SLIDE THE BINDINGS BACK (EST system is sooooo handy for quick changes but get those screws TIGHT!!!) it'll give you a nice surf feel with the same amount of pop that this board carries. I will warn a 160 in the park takes some getting used to but you have a 154 by DC so you are covered. that's my 2 cents. shred long and prosper. cool thing about my years model is it glows in the dark, scared the shit outta me the first time I realized it