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Is a hardhat an a multi impact helmet?? ...

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Is a hardhat an a multi impact helmet?? I know they don't meet the regular helmet safety standards, but I am very confused on the level of protection that they do offer?

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Here's the understanding that I came away with after meeting Bern at the SIA trade show: All of Bern's shells are top notch. The different liners have different performance and protection properties. The 'Hardhat' has a multi-impact liner that is lightweight and breathable. Because of their unique multi-impact design, the 'Hardhat' styles are not currently certified by the usual suspects (CPSC, ASTM, etc). It is still a super safe lid and it's great for cruising the mountain, park riding, and keeping on your head during warm spring days. The EPS liner is a more traditional single-impact design that IS fully certified. If you're more in to the big mountain style of riding where high speed gets mixed into rocky, tree covered terrain or you're stoked on the mega-kickers in the parks then you may want to aim for one of these liners. Luckily, Bern has made both 'Hardhat' and EPS versions of their most popular helmets. We don't have all of them represented here on the site, but the option is out there. I hope this helps!