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Is the Nug compatible with the 2010 Rome...

Is the Nug compatible with the 2010 Rome 390's?

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at your local shop you can see if they have the "channel" or est baseplate and then u will be good to go. all you will have to do is switch out the baseplates and ur binding will be compatible with the nug

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If rome makes a 2 hole disk then yes they will be compatible.

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Dude, when you get the Nug just call up your nearest board shop or goto Burton.com and use the store finder. Just bring your Dogfunk.com receipt to your nearest store and you can get the M6 Transition Kit for free. This kit allows the Nug to work with any bindings. =)

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If you call up Burton rider services they will send you free discs that will allow you to use your normally 4x4 bindings on burton boards with the channel system.

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don't listen to any of these guys. technically, no, you cannot use Rome bindings on the Channel. the M6 transition kits are for Burton bindings ONLY. and if you are buying EST baseplates, why not just buy the whole EST binding? that's ridiculous.

i have heard of some people jerry-rigging non-burton bindings and making them work, but it's not the safest idea, and will void any warranty claims for either product.

Union & Flux do provide their own "adapters" for use on the channel, but nothing will work as good as Burton's on these boards.