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Is this a flat bottom board? Our son has...

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Is this a flat bottom board? Our son has a chopper and is ready for a little more board. Do you think this would be a good next step up board? We are thinking of 105.

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It would be a decent board for the next step, but there is a lot out there for kids now-a-days. And to be honest Flow has lost their FLOW. I would lean towards Ride because of the 'slimewalls' in their decks. This means that the sides of the board are more resilient to damage because its almost like a rubber insert rather than a plastic one. The Ride Rukus or the Lowride are great decks for progression and like I said before, won't break the bank because you're not having to buy a new deck because the old one is broken. Or you can look at the K2 Mini Turbo, this is also a great board to tear up the mountain. How heavy is your child? Because that is really what the length of the board is dependant on. But take a look at a few of those and see what you like. Hope this helps