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Is this jacket warmer than the Volcom...

Is this jacket warmer than the Volcom Shatter Jacket (tried comparing specs) but I don't really understand the V Science Liner stuff? Shandyland Jacket says - Insulation - None & Shatter - 60g poly? Confusing?

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Hey Tina. I'll un-confuse you.

The Shandyland has no insulation--it's just a shell jacket. The Shandyland's outer shell is made of V-Science 2 Layer, V-Science Stone Stop and V-Science Jacquard. These are all fancy names for Volcom's jacket material. The Shandyland does have a liner called V-Science breathable. Most all jackets feature some sort of ilner. The liner is a soft, moisture-wicking polyester material that separates your skin from the jacket material.

The Shatter jacket features similar materials (V-Science outer shell, and V-Science liner), but does have 60 grams (60g) of poly-fill insulation in it. That's a medium amount of insulation. This insulation will help keep you warm in colder temps but may also cause you to overheat when Spring riding rolls around.

Happy shredding.

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Hi Tina,

The shandyland jacket is a shell, this means zero insulation, which also means you need to properly layer to match a variety of conditions. I enjoy layering, because you can use one jacket on a warm spring day, throw a baselayer and a hoodie under it, and boom, you have a super warm kit for a snowy day.

The Shatter jacket does have insulation. 60g is the weight of the insulation, 60-100 is pretty standard. Polyfill is similar to synthetic down material (real down is super warm stuff, the warmest you can get, down is composed of feathers and clusters, with the clusters being the super warm part. Synthetic down is fake down, really bulky) The advantage to polyfill is warmth without the bulk. I've ridden with polyfill jackets before, and the work well to trap heat in! If you've ever heard the words "Primaloft" or "thinsulate" these are all brand names of polyfill insulation.

Bottom Line: the shatter jacket is way warmer than the shandyland, but be careful: Some polyfill jackets only have the fill in the "core" part of the jacket, and miss out on the sleeves. Volcom is the illest around, so I would bet they have it throughout the jacket.

Sorry for the long response, but I could talk gear all day long!

good luck!