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Ive been thinking of getting these bindings...

Ive been thinking of getting these bindings but i hear the toe cap slips of a lot. Does anybody know how well the toe caps stay on thirtytwo lashed boots?

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Well seeing as I've riden my Contacts with no problems for 2 yrs, I dont know who you are talking to about these. Anywaysss, no they do not slip at all. The synthetic material over the toe strap hold ur foot right where u crank them down to be. I have a pair of Lashed and a pair of TM2's and I have had no peoblems with them fitting. The lashed are a larger profiled boot tho, with a wider tread/sole. So they fit a lil snug in the cage of the binding. My TM2's fit better seeing as they are a skinnier boot. But I have had these for a while now and I have NO problems with them. Really, Union is the ONLY binding company I will put on my deck now. Tech is sweet, completely bomb-proof, style is sick. Just an all around great binding company. Plus with a 2yr warranty, you really can't go wrong. Trust me, just buy them and you will not be dissapointed. Hope this helps :)

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Yah it helps I Read mostly reviews that said the top cap slips of but if you've really ridden them for 2 years and have no problems sounds pretty good thanks for your advice

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Yea man and I plan to ride them this year aswell. And im not the 1-time-a-month rider either. Im talking like 100+ days in the season, aslong as the Ontario weather helps out lol. But yes they have lasted me and still will last as long as you take decent care of them. But if you have any trouble with screws getting lose, take them out and put some lock-tight on it. But My next pair is either gonna be a pair of Force's for a lil stiffer ride, or a pair of Data's. But like I said, they are bomb-proof and redick comfy. Just go through them and set them up as you like. This might be why ppl have been losing their toe strap or strap coming lose. Set them up to YOUR boot, as you should any binder. They are a great buy tho, trust me!!!!