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Just wondering how warm these are? Thinking...

Just wondering how warm these are? Thinking about buying some in the orange. Would they cut on like a -10c day? Are they waterproof?

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They aren't very warm. I only wear these riding if its a warm day (like warmer than 35 degrees F (~3 C). I would not recommend them for a -10 C day (14 F). You will have very cold hands. These also have no waterproofing. Your hands wont be totally soaked, but they wont be dry. I've worn these with it was about 28 degrees and freezing rain out and I was miserable.
Don't get me wrong though. I love these gloves (on a warm day). I wear them to work and when I'm walking around town and going out to the bars and stuff. They're comfortable and I get compliments on them all the time. They're just not made for snowboarding on cold winter days, they're made for spring.
If you want a pair of grenade gloves that are warm, I suggest the sub-zero gloves.

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They aren't warm and they aren't waterproof just like Evannn says. However, they look good and are pretty awesome on a spring day. I had pair of Oakley pipe gloves that got completely soaked, and these don't. They will get a little damp inside but that's about it. I love em.