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Looking between the Cartels and the Union...

Looking between the Cartels and the Union Force for mostly all mountain riding. Any suggestions? Also, what size binding if i wear between anywhere between 10 and an 11 (depending on the boot). You're input is appreciated.

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I have only heard good thing from both bindings. I personally Own union forces and love them! I have never actually owned Cartels but i have owned the triads which are pretty simliar. I hated them. The toe strap keeping unscrewing, the adjuster for the high back ripped through the plastic and is unusable anymore and the strap would some times get stuck in the clicker. I don't know if its the same for the cartels but if it is go with the forces.
I havent had any problems with the forces yet. They feel super light and have loved them for the little riding i have done so far.
let see....I would get a large in the cartels if you have a wide board or a medium if you just have a regular freestyle board.
A L/XL for the unions bindings

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I ride the Cartels all the time! They are wicked comfortable (Full Eva bed with B3 Gel for dampening), Ultra light-weight (30% nylon composite construction), and Lifetime warranty on the trays to call out a bit of the sweetness...

There is a reason that more pro's ride this binding than any other (yes, even ones that ride for other binding manufactures) and that's because its a tried, true, performance driven binding. You can not go wrong with the Cartel!!!

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I own both....Cartels are more responsive and the toe strap fits better.

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^ don't change your binding size based on your board size. boot length is all that really matters (and width kind of). But if you're rockin 10+ boots get large, no question.