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My boy loaned me a size M/L contact from...

My boy loaned me a size M/L contact from last year (2010 all orange models)...i tried using them with my 32 Lashed size 9.5 from this year (2011)...it seemed like my boots were too wide and they didnt fit. would that be the case with this years? isnt M/L supposed to go up to a 10?

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Welcome to the world of riding a pair of 32 Lashed lol. They have one of the widest treads on the market and a lot of people complain of the fit with them in the cages of their binders. I have a pair of last years Contacts and I have a pair of '10 Lashed and '09 TM2's. Its the same with my Lashed as well. The tread comes too far out off of the sole so it snags on the cage of the binder. Ive gotten used to it, or I just switch up to my TM2's as they are skinnier profiled boot. But dont worry because you're not the only one with this problem. Ive just found a way to set them in the cage so that they snag less. And yes you are rite about the fit, -11=M/L and +11=L/XL. And yes, its not the binder, its the boot. So the fit will be the exact same. Just switch up the boot for a better fit. Hope this helps bro

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The bindings my friend let me borrow are actually from 2008...do you think they updated the cage size for their newer models? I did read/hear that the lashed has a pretty wide profile..but i have wide feet so it was the best fit for me. Seems like yours are fitting into the cage in some way...on my boys binders with my boots..tehre is no way to get them in tehre...

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Well its only really snagging on the outer tread of the sole for me. And yes the Lashed are one of the widest foot-beds on the market, and are usually the same year in and year out. As for the Contacts, im not too sure if the cage design has changed much. But by the looks of bothe of the years, it has not. I dont know why you are havin such a hard time with them tho? But for some reason I have just made mine fit proper. It could also be that I have tweaked the shit out of mine to get the best fit. But really thats all its about right, comfort and fit. Style is good too, but for me its all about the ride and comfort of the product.(Funny to say because I have the CMYK print and they are pretty flashy lol) I would just play around with them and you should be able to get them to fit. Move the heel cup, ramps on the base, and straps and im sure you will make em feel nice.