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My name is kasie an I've been wanting to...

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My name is kasie an I've been wanting to learn how to surf since I was 16 I'm now looking into buying a board what's the best for a beginer short long in between what's ur suggestion

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By far a longboard. Look for something about 2 feet taller than you with lots of foam (wide, thick, full nose and tail.) The more foam in your board (the bigger it is) the easier it is to paddle around and catch waves with. Being a beginner, you need a big board so you can learn to catch waves and to turn across the face of the wave and actually ride it. Shortboards and Fish shapes are significantly smaller, and are nearly impossible to learn to paddle and catch waves with. They are made for performance surfing where you need something shorter to turn sharply and thrash with, but they cant be paddled in on smaller waves and ridden straight, they simply dont float enough at low speeds. Short boards depend on speed for them to plane across the water, so if you buy a short board you will have to learn to surf on big powerful waves, going fast, with not nearly as much wiggle room with your footing. GO WITH A LONG BOARD!