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Not too sure whether toget the skullcandy...

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Not too sure whether toget the skullcandy skullcrushers or these wesc bongos. The wesc lookbetter and will probably last longer but I am not sure if they sound as good, do they?

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From a person who has used both products i highly suggest the WeSC Bongos. They last way longer, easier to ride with, way more durible, and the sound quality is fairly great for the price. The only thing that skullcandy has going for them at all is their return policy. They have a life time warrenty and are free to replace (besides postage stamp) if it is a techniqual issue. 50% off it you broke them. That really beats anything for me because i listen to music for a least 5 hrs a day through headphones and i blow out speakers everyother day it feels like. BUT unless you really want your warrent, like calling them up and giving them detailed instructions (cause they don't respond to emails anymore unless its your first time using the warrenty) then the warrenty isn't worth it. To much time and effort for me (I have better things to do then listen to skullcandy over the phone instead listening to their headphones)
MY point is, Bongos out of the two unless dealing with warrenty people isnt an issue for you.